Sell My iPhone 6s

Sell your iPhone 6s for cash and get paid the best price. Selling your iPhone 6s with FonePal is very simple and straight forward; here at FonePal, we buy your Apple iPhone in very few steps;

All you have to do is select the condition of the iPhone you’re selling .e.g. working, broken or damaged iPhone 6s and select which network is your iPhone is locked to otherwise select unlocked and that is it; you’re done selling your iPhone 6s to one of the UK’s best mobile phone recycling site. Selling iPhones to FonePal has never been easier! All you have to do sit back, relax and wait for the money to come your way.

How much is my iPhone 6s worth?

How much is your iPhone 6s worth? the exact value of your iPhone will depends solely on how good is your phone .e.g. new iPhone 6s worth more than old and second mobile phones, also there's other factors might negatively or positively impact the value of your iPhone 6s and hence dectate what you can really get when you sell your mobile.

Can I sell broken iPhone 6s?

Sell your broken iPhone 6s and get paid a best price when you sell it to FonePal; The UK's leading mobile phone recycling company, nowadays Broken phones are worth more money, particaularly broken iPhone 6s, so if you have broken mobile somewhere in your drawers then find it and sell it, by selling broken phones you will earn money and save the enviroment as well.

Sell my Iphone 6s near me?

Ever wondered where to sell your iPhone 6s? Selling your iPhone to FonePal has never been easier! All you need to do is visit our site and sell your phone online, you can also bring your to our warehouse to get paid cash if you live within the Greater Manchester and sell it  online if you live somehwere else .e.g. London.