Sell My iPhone 6

Looking to sell your iPhone 6 for the best price? Selling your iPhone 6 with FonePal is very simple and easy forward; here at FonePal, we will buy your iPhone 6 off you in very few steps;

  • Select the memory size of your iPhone 6 .e.g. iPhone 6 16GB, iPhone 6 32GB, iPhone 6 64GB Or iPhone 6 128GB.
  • Select the condition of the iPhone 6 you’re selling .e.g. working, broken or damaged iPhone 6.
  • Select which network is your iPhone is locked to.

That is it; you’re done selling your iPhone 6 to one of the UK’s best mobile phone recycling site. With FonePal, You can just sit back, relax and wait for the money to come your way.

How much is my iPhone 6 worth?

The exact value of your iPhone 6 depends on its memory and condition .e.g. New iPhone 6 worth more than second hand and a working iPhone 6 is worth more than a broken one.

To find out how much is your iPhone 6 worth; your iPhone must meet certain conditions.

At FonePal we offer you a price for your fully working iPhone 6, and another for your broken iPhone 6, a certain criteria must be met in order to get the best price for your working or broken iPhone 6.

At FonePal you can always check how much you'd get for a fully working iPhone 6. It takes less than a minute to find out how much is your iPhone 6 worth, it's worth checking before you send your phone off.

Can I sell my broken iPhone 6?

Yes, you can sell your broken iPhone 6 with FonePal; we will buy your iPhone 6 even if your iPhone’s LCD is completely broken and you can’t see anything, no matter what the condition of your broken iPhone 6, it is still worth money so don’t chuck it a way, for example your iPhone 6 is broken or damaged phone. So what are you waiting for? trade in your broken iPhone 6 today and get the best price right away whether you're selling broken iPhone 6, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB.

Where is the best place to sell my iPhone 6?

Looking for the best place to sell your iPhone 6? Then look nowhere than FonePal, at FonePal you can sell your iPhone 6 for the best price possible? We pay you more money for your unwanted iPhone 6 than any other mobile phone recyclers out there.

When do I get paid when I sell my iPhone 6 to FonePal?

More money, less hassles and same day payments is our policy at FonePal; we aim to pay you cash on the same day we receive your iPhone 6, no nonsense; simple as that. With FonePal you can rest assured that you will get paid as soon as we set our hands on your phone.

How do I sell my iPhone 6?

FonePal have made selling your iPhone 6 extremely fast and easy. Just follow these easy steps;

Step one; Click on sell my mobile on FonePal’s landing page, Nav bar, and search for iPhone 6 on the Nav bar or click the arrows on the upper right top of our top mobile until you see iPhone 11 Pro.

Step two; select the memory size of your iPhone 6.

Step three; select which network is your iPhone 6 is locked to.

Step four; select the condition of your iPhone 6.

Step five; sign in or register if you’re a new user.

Step six; select the postage type .e.g. send me postal pack or send your device yourself.