Sell My Apple iPhone


Sell My Apple iPhone

Looking to sell your Apple iPhone? Search for your specific iPhone device on and make money when you sell your old device with us.

How much is my Apple iPhone worth?

The average price for used Apple iPhones in the UK is between £50 and £800 as of July 2023.

What can you do with your old iPhone?

Why sell your iPhone? As recycler FonePal will buy most Apple products, this include and not limited to; mobile phones, tablets and many more.

We'll even pay for broken iPhones too! It's a friendly way of disposing of your old and unwanted Apple iPhone; by doing so you will help the enviroment and also getting paid for it as well.

Where is the best place to sell my Apple iPhone?

When it comes to best place to sell your old iPhone then look no where other than FonePal; the UK's best place to sell your iPhone and we will guarantee that you will get paid the best price when you sell your mobile phone to us.

How do I sell my Apple iPhone?

Selling your iPhone is easy; all you have to do is search for the model of your mobile phone, sell it with our help and get the best price on the market for your old mobile phone.

When Do I get paid when I sell my phone?

We offer same day payment for all Apple & Good ID free phones. Sell your mobile phone with the UK’s best phone recycling experts.

To find out how much is your iPhone worth simply search for the model of your phone, select the internal storage and choose the condition of your iPhone .e.g. working or broken and you will get an instance price for your phone.

How do I sell I sell my Apple iPhone?

Looking to sell your Apple iPhone in the UK for the best price? FonePal is the place to visit, whether you're upgrading your iPhone or simply need some cash; selling your iPhone with FonePal is very simple and effortless. All you have to do is choose the model of the iPhone you're selling, its memory size and the condition of the iPhone you want to sell .e.g. broken or working iPhone and that's it.

How much is my Apple iPhone worth?

How much is your Apple iPhone worth ? The exact value of your iPhone depends on many factors such as the model, the condition and the memory size of your Apple Phone; Simply find out what you can get for your iPhone here!

Can I sell broken Apple iPhone?

Yes, you can sell your broken Apple iPhone with FonePal and get paid right away, now adays broken Apple mobiles are worth money so don't chuck away your broken iPhone; whether it has broken screen, water damaged or completely smashed lcd, its still worth something!

We buy any iPhone in any condition even if your phone is not functioning, it’s still worth money. At FonePal we will pay you the best price for your broken mobile phone than any other recyclers in the UK. So what are you waiting for? Trade in your broken iPhone for cash today.