Frequently Asked Questions

To find out how much is your phone worth? The exact value of your mobile phone depends on the type of the phone you want to sell, the condition of the phone, whether your phone is locked to specific network or its a SIM free mobile phone (unlocked). Once you decided the condition of your phone then try sell my phone to find out how much you can get for the phone you want sell or trade-in.


Yes, you can sell your broken phone as well as your working mobile phone too, we buy broken mobile phones in any conditions; whether you're selling a mobile phone with broken screen, faulty charging port, cracked lcd, home buttons problem, ports fault, camera and speaker fault or simply stuck on the bran's logo, etc. However if your phone is not powering up then we’ll test each phone individually so that you will get a price based on your phone’s condition.

Ever wondered how to sell your phone? Selling your mobile phone with FonePal is extremely easy; you'll not be disappointed by our brilliant offer. So what are you waiting for? Sell your phone with FonePal today and get the best price your worth.



We have 2 payment options available to choose from, if you want to sell/trade in your phone, we pay our customers using; PayPal and bank transfer. Simply select your preferred payment option at the checkout and fill in either your PayPal email or bank account details.

Once we have received the phone you sold to us, we’ll inspect it first and if your phone passed our routine checks and meets our conditions; bear in mind that we do first arrived first served. If it arrived before 12pm, your phone’s condition matches what you have already told us and there’s no other major issues then we will pay on the same day; Otherwise the payment will be delayed until everything is sorted out.

Yes, we offer price grantee provided that your phone matches the exact condition when you sold it to us, we’ll pay you the value you see when you check out, unless your phone is not in the stated condition when you did check out or there's a technical faults which shows you higher value than what we are actually offering.

No, at FonePal we don’t accept any phone that has been lost or stolen, if you tried to sell us an stolen mobile phone, we’ll hand it over to the to police immediately, bear in my mind that we use CheckMEND database to check if the phone you’re selling is reported missing, stolen or insurance claim.

Yes, you can sell iPhone with a broken screen; at FonePal we’ll buy your broken iPhone in any condition, whether your iPhone has broken screen, not charging, or simply not functioning correctly; you can still sell your broken iPhone even if it does not powering on.

Yes, you can sell your broken iPhone to FonePal; we buy broken iPhone from anyone looking to get an extra cash for unwanted phones or simply looking to get rid of a broken iPhone.

Sell your mobile phone for cash? Ever wondered where to sell your phone? Or if you're simply looking for the best place to sell your mobile phone for the best possible price then you're at the right place. Simply find out how much is your mobile phone worth?






Want to find how much is your iPhone worth? The value of your iPhone depends on its memory size, the condition of your phone .e.g. new iPhone worth more money than second hand and broken phone.

Looking for the best place to sell your phone in the UK? Then look nowhere other than FonePal; with FonePal you can sell your phone and get the best price possible in the UK? We pay you more money for your unwanted or broken mobile phone than any other mobile phone recyclers out there. FonePal is considered to be one of the best websites UK wide to sell your phone and get what your phone really worth.

Where do I sell my mobile phone and get paid the best price? Your question answered; to sell your phone to the one of the best places in the UK for more money and less hassle! Just visit FonePal's website and search for the mobile phone you want to sell, simple as that.

To sell your phone for cash; simply tell us what mobile phone are you selling on our website!

  • Choose the model of the mobile you're selling,
  • Select the memory size of your phone
  • Select the network your mobile is locked to; .e.g. EE network or O2 .etc.
  • If phone you're selling is unlocked (SIM free mobile phone) then simply choose Unlocked

The value of the mobile phone you're selling will be displayed below and that's it. You’re done selling your phone for cash to FonePal.

Looking to sell broken iPhone or trade in broken and faulty iPhone for cash? then you are at the right place; selling broken iPhone nowadays is easire than ever, with very few steps you will sell your broken iPhone and get paid cash straight away. What are you waiting for? Simply sell your broken iPhone to FonePal and get paid.

How do I sell my phone? ever wonderd what to do with your old mobile phone? Your question is answered; you can sell your phone online to FonePal and get paid  cash.

Got questions about selling or recycling your mobile phone? Find the answers you need on FonePal's Frequently Asked Questions page. We've compiled a comprehensive list of common queries, providing clear and concise responses to guide you through the process. Your journey to responsible device disposal and earning cash for your old phones begins here.