Frequently Asked Questions

Fonepal’s Sell My Phone FAQs

The value of your phone depends on the type of the phone you want to sell, its condition and whether its locked to specific network or its unlocked. To find out how much you can get for the phone you want sell or trade-in; simply go to and enter details of the phone you intended to sell.

Yes, you can trade in your broken mobile as well as your working mobile, we buy cell phones in many different conditions; whether your phone is working, broken or damaged phone. However we’ll not provide you with a pre quote or price for a damaged phone, we’ll test each phone individually so that you will get a price based on your phone’s condition.


We consider a mobile phone to be broken if it does power on but have one of the following conditions:

  • Cracked Screen/LCD’s
  • Buttons or ports faults
  • Speaker or cameras
  • Stuck on the brand’s logo


We consider a mobile phone to be damaged if it does not power on and have one of the following conditions:

  • Not fully functional. e.g. water damaged
  • Have missing components
  • Bent or de-shaped
  • Have a major cracked on the casing or the body

To successfully be able to sell/trade-in your phone with; simply follow the easy steps below:

Steps 1

Head to the Fonepal’s landing page or navigation bar and click on sell my phone/mobile then select sell my apple phone for example, and then choose the iphone you want to sell/trade in.

Steps 2

Once you have selected the phone you’re selling you’ll be asked to select the network of the phone you want to sell, there’s many networks to choose from, select unknown if you didn’t find the network that your phone is locked to.

Step 3

Once you have selected the network your phone is locked to, you will then be asked to choose the condition of the mobile phone you’re selling, there’s three conditions; Working, broken and Damaged, select the appropriate one based on your phone’s condition.

Step 4

Once you have selected the condition of the phone you’re selling, you will be provided with an estimated value of your phone based on the condition.

Step 5

Select the postal method you like, there’s three options to choose from, choose the appropriate one to you and complete your order by registering as a new user if you’re new to Fonepal or logging if you’re an existing customer, once you submitted your order you will get an email confirmation.

We have three payment options available to choose from, if you want to sell/trade in your phone, we pay our Customers using; bank transferee, Paypla or cheque payments. Simply select your preferred payment option.

Once we have received the phone you want to sell or trade-in, we’ll try and pay you the same day we have received your phone at, if it arrived before 12pm, provided that your phone’s condition matches what you have already told us and there’s no other major issues, otherwise the payment will be delayed until everything is sorted out.

Yes, we’ll pay you the value you see when you check out, unless your phone is not in the stated condition when you did check out.

No, at Fonepal we don’t accept any phone that has been lost or stolen, if you try to sell us stolen phone, We’ll hand it to police immediately, bare in my mind that we use CheckMEND database to check if the phone you’re selling is reported missing or stolen.

Yes, at Fonepal we’ll buy any iphone in any condition, whether the phone you intend to sell has broken screen, not charging, or simply not functioning correctly, at fonepal you can still sell your phone even if its not powering on.

Yes, you can sell us your iphone no matter what model it is, we buy any iphone from anyone who’s looking to get an extra cash or simply looking to get rid of unwanted mobile phones.

Fonepal’s iphone Repair FAQs

Yes, at Fonepal we repair any iphone, fix any fault and condition, just click at iphone repair button and follow the easy steps to check out.

Yes, we can carry iphone screen repair in under 30 minutes of receiving your broken iphone and far cheaper than anyone else. To get your iphone screen repaired; simply follow the easy steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click on iphone repair
  • Select apple phone repair
  • Select your iphone model
  • Select the fault you want it to be repaired
  • See how much will it cost
  • Sheck out and complete your order simple as that

Unlike many other at Fonepal, you can get your iphone repaired for as less as £20. But how much money do you have to pay to get your iphone repaired, it depends on the model of the iphone you want to repair, the fault of the iphone you want to repair and how fast you want it to be repaired.

No, you don’t have to pay anything. Rest assured at the Fonepal we do no fix no fee policy, as long your iphone is not reapir you will not be liable to pay a penny.

Below are the faults we can fix:

  • iphone screen repair
  • iphone home button
  • iphone charging port
  • iphone touch screen
  • iphone camera issues
  • iphone speakers issues
  • iphone wireless issues
  • iphone antenna issues
  • iphone earphone replacement
  • iphone power button replacement
  • iphone battery replacement
  • iphone case replacement

Yes, you can sell your broken and unwanted iphone, here at the FonePal, we pay you far more cash for your broken iphone than anyone else does, simple as that, we beat any price. Trade-in your broken iphone and we grantee you more cash, whether your iphone has broken screen, charging port fault or whatever the problem is, you will still get more money for your broken iphone with less hassles.

At the Fonepal we do offer cheapest repair than most of the repair companies, believe it or not below are the reasons why you should repair with Us:

  • Unbeatable prices
  • No hidden Charges or nasty surprises
  • No fix no fee
  • Warranty on all repair
  • Express repair

Whilst your iphone is in safe hands, we recommend that you should back-up your iphone, remove your SIM before send it for repair.

At Fonepal we simply beat any price out there, we’ll repair your iphone 6 screen for as little as £29.99, we also offer home collection for as little as £9.99

At Fonepal we offer the best prices for your iphone 5 and 5s screen repair, your iphone screen will cost you as little as £29.99.

Yes, we offer express iphone repair for extra fees, we’ll repair your iphone on the same day we have received it, provided that we have received your iphone earlier in the day.

Yes, we offer iphone repair evening home collection within the Greater Manchester areas for as little as £9.99 and returned to your home for £9.99 right a way after your iphone is repaired.

We offer the following postal options to choose from:

  • Post your iphone yourself
  • Postage pack sent to your home address
  • Evening home collection within Greater Manchester