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5 Ways to earn money from your old Smartphone


In today’s innovation world, we are all in an ever-long procedure of way of life up-degree; as nobody needs to linger behind in the journey to make their life less difficult and advantageous with the assistance of cutting edge innovations. One such innovation advancement which has characterized the manner in which we see and speak with the world is a Smartphone. It isn't more a calling gadget, yet a contraption that entrains us when we are exhausted; help us discover the manner in which when lost, converse with relatives in any piece of the world, remove data from the world, thus substantially more to end up a basic element in our lives.
Be that as it may, the cell phone industry ceaselessly advancing, accompanying new gadgets, similar to the iPhone X with face acknowledgment or the ongoing accomplishment of Selfie is demonstrate how fast we are receiving more up to date advances. Like some other tech crack, would you say you are too wish to procure each dispatch savvy item, yet not having enough funds to do as such? No, stresses your last contraption, which you believe is rubbish can be transformed into money to enable you to buy the most current cell phone available. Yet, before you trade your cash hand from your old telephone, there are sure things generally you do. We should take a visit when you sell my old smartphone.

Take these precautions before selling your smartphone

Now here we are telling you simple steps to sell your old smartphone but before that, you have to do these below mentioned certain things. Let’s take a look when you sell your smartphone

1)    Take a Backup of your smartphone’data

Kindly take backup of your personal data like pictures, messages, videos and any other before resetting your smartphone because it is vital to have a reinforcement of your own personal detail. You may also have the option to back up your data like Google drive, clouds or any other online platforms so you can access it on some other devices like laptop, PC, smartphones and others.

2)    Reset your Smartphone

Now firstly you have to reset your old smartphone before you receiving money for your cell phone. Factory reset is the best option for so your data will never recover by any other person. Whenever you finish this process then all the data will be removed or deleted of your smartphone. These below mention steps will help to complete the process. Let’s take a look

  • Firstly you have to go to the “Setting” section of your smartphone.
  • Then tap on the “Backup & Reset” button.
  • Then after tap on the “Factory reset” button.
  • Now it will be asked for “Pin” then enter the pin of your smartphone.
  • Now it will take few minutes to complete the process.

Note:- One thing that you have to notice that if you have any memory card into your smartphone then remove it before starting the Factory reset process. And use this memory card into your new smartphone

3)    Complete Paper Work

It is foremost significant to complete the process of paper work to stay away from any kind of issues later on. The paper work process doesn’t take so much time, it is just a piece of paper whereupon the purchaser party accepts that they acquire or receive your smartphone at a specific cost. So you have a proof that your smartphone is used by the purchaser party and you are not responsible for any criminal offence or any other activities.

Simple way to get the money from your smartphone

After celebrating the New Year and Christmas you are getting bored from your Smartphone and you want to change it with new but you don’t have enough money to get new smartphone then don’t worry here we are sharing a simple way to turn your old smartphone into money and you can purchase new smartphone. 

Let’s take a visit on these below mention steps for get money:- 

  1. First of all go to the and find out your smartphone or use search bar to find out the model of your smartphone.
  2. After finding your smartphone select your network and define your smartphone’s condition and now you can see your cash offer in the right side of your computer screen.
  3. Then after click on the Next button and login to your account or create an account. Then choose the mode to receive your payment. 
  4. After filling your account detail or PayPal account detail or cheque click on the “continue” button
  5. Then after click on the confirm button after watching the price of your smartphone. And now on the next page choose the postage options:- 
  • If you choose “send me free postage” button then click on the next button to complete your order after choosing this option and a new congratulations window will appear & you will get a confirmation mail on your registered email id.
  • If you choose “Post your mobile yourself” button then select next button after choosing this option then you will get a confirmation mail on your registered email id and a congratulation message for completing your order