About Us

Who are we?

FonePal is a mobile phone recycling in Manchester UK. We're the UK's best mobile phone recycling, we recycle unwanted, broken and badly damaged mobile phones.

FonePal offers more money for old, broken and unwanted mobile phones. FonePal buys your mobile phone whether it is in a good condition or not, even the very badly damaged phones as well as the fully functional mobile phones. FonePal helps people earn money for their old and broken mobile phones by offering them same day payment when they sell their broken and old mobile phone to us.

What do we do?

Beside Recycling, FonePal offers no fix no fee cost effective express mobile phone repairs in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We will fix your iPhone in under 20 minutes. We offer on and off-site mobile phone repairs & online mobile repairs service for iPhone Repairs, Samsung Repairs and most smartphone devices in Manchester and Greater Manchester. Our engineers can repair your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other smartphone while you wait. Prices start from £19.99.

Repairs & services we offer at FonePal

iPhone repairs, Samsung repairs, other smart phones repairs, online mobile repairs as well as mobile phone repairs home collection in and around Manchester. In addition to computer repairs & software, Microsoft windows, Microsoft office. Beside recycling and repairs we offer data recovery as well for Mobile, computer, hard desk, memories, Lost photos recovery, Erased data recovery


Our mission is to:

  • provide our customers with the cheapest and an affordable mobile phone repair in Manchester.
  • Offer an express mobile repair services and a home pick up option.
  • pay more money for old and unwanted mobile phones than any other recycler.
  • provide our customers with a website that can be used by anyone, regardless of their web knowledge.
  • Offer same day payment.
  • Buy broken and damaged mobile phone.


Our Vision is to become the UK’s top leading brand in the smart phone world and provide our customers with the best mobile phone repair and recycling services in UK and around the globe.

                                                                                            Why Sell your mobile phone to FonePal?

Why sell your phone to us? We are the UK’s best mobile phone recycling site. With FonePal selling your phone made easier than ever; whether you're selling old, unwanted or broken mobile phone, we promise you that you won't be disappointed with our offer, to find out how much is your phone worth? Simply visit our website and enter the details of the phone you want to sell regardless of your phone's condition or memory size; whether you're selling 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB phone, we will still pay you the best price even if the phone you're selling won't turn on. We made recycling your mobile phone effortless; with only few clicks away you will get the highest quote possible when you sell your mobile to us!

                                                                         How Much Is My Mobile Phone Worth?

The value of your mobile phone depends on the make, model and the condition of the phone. Find out how much is your phone worth now?. for example; the value of a secondhand mobile phone depends on how good the phone is. e.g.  a working mobile in a perfect condition will have a higher value than a broken mobile phone.

Are you looking to sell your old or broken mobile phone? Simply select the mobile phone which you want to sell and find out how much you can get for it; whether you are selling a working or broken phone!

                                                                           Can I sell broken mobile phone?

Can I sell my broken phone? Yes, you can sell your broken mobile phone with FonePal; whether your mobile phone is functional, has broken lcd or water damaged phone. We buy any phone in any condition even if your phone is not functioning, it’s still worth money. At FonePal we will pay you the best price for your broken mobile phone than any other recyclers will pay you. So what are you waiting for? Trade in your broken mobile phone for cash today and earn money by selling any broken phone to FonePal, whether you're selling Samsung, Huawei, or iPhone; Even if the broken mobile phone you're selling is a damaged phone and won’t power up.

                                                                                         When will I get paid after trading in my mobile phone?

Same day Payments applies to all Apple ID and Google account free phones; Same day payment is what we do at FonePal, we pay you on the same day we received your phone so that you can start spending your money straight away.

                                                                           Where is best place to sell my mobile phone?

FonePal is the best place to sell your phone in the UK and If you you're looking to trade in an old mobile phone then FonePal is where to go simple as that! FonePal is the uk’s best mobile phone recycling site to sell or trade in your old or broken mobile phone for the best price and get paid more money whether you're selling or recycling your iPhone, amsung and Huawei, Xiaomi or Google pixel.