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Sell my phone for cash; Are you looking to sell or repair a mobile phone? Want to find out how much is your mobile phone worth? And how much will it cost to be repaired? Simply select the mobile phone you want to sell or repair to see how much you can get for your mobile phone and how much you have to pay for repairs.

How Much Is My Mobile Phone Worth?

The value of your mobile phone depends on the make, the model of your mobile phone and the condition of your phone. to see how much you will get for your mobile phone just enter your mobile phone details to see how much you can get; The exact amount you can get for your old phone .e.g. iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phones depends on some factors; such as the model and the condition of your phone.


Can I sell broken mobile phone to FonePal?

Whether your mobile phone is functional or broken we will buy it off you and pay you the best price for your broken mobile phone too. So what are you waiting for? Trade in your mobile phone today and earn money by selling your old and broken iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or any other mobile phone you may have; Even if the mobile phone you're selling is broken phone and won’t turn on.


When will I get paid after trading in my mobile phone?

Same day payment is what we do at FonePAl, we pay you on the same day we received your phone so that you can start spending your money straight away.


Where is best place to sell my mobile phone?

If you're wondering where is the best place to sell or trade in an old mobile phone; FonePal is the answer simple as that! FonePal is the uk’s number 1 site to sell your mobile for the best price and get paid more money for selling or recycling your iPhone, amsung and Huawei .we buy your old mobile phone no matter the condition of your phone. 


Is FonePal worth a try?

FonePal is the UK’s best mobile phone recycling service in the UK based on many factors. We pay the best price for a range of mobile phones, including a broken one, helping you to get the best possible price for your unwanted mobile device.


How do I find out how much is my broken phone worth?

To see how much is your broken .e.g. iPhone, Samsung or Huawei worth? Select the phone model from the list; choose the memory size, condition, and which network your mobile phone locked to for example unlocked.


Can I sell water damaged phones?

At FonePal we pay you cash for your mobile phone regardless of how badly damaged your phone is, We will pay you cash and on the same day if you sell broken phone to FonePal. You can also sell a cracked phone too. And the easiest part is that its so simple to sell your phone; only few clicks a way.

What We Do?

FonePal is a mobile phone recycling and repairs in Manchester UK; We are one of the Uk's best mobile phone recycling and repairs as well. At FonePal we offer cash for working, broken and unwanted mobile phones we will buy your old and unwanted mobile phone for cash whether your mobile phone is working or broken, to sell your mobile phone to FonePal just select your mobile phone from the nav bar to see how much is your mobile phone worth?

Beside recycling FonePal offers express iPhone and android phone repairs in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We offer on and off-site mobile phone repair service in Manchester for iPhone Repairs.

Our technicians will repair your iPhoneat lower prices than our competitors, we're committed to repair broken mobile phones and recycling unwanted, broken, and damaged mobile phones - some badly broken and second-hand. We carry mobile phone repairs in Manchester and surrounding areas, we also offer walk in repairs and home collection as well.

FonePal is one of the cheapest mobile phone repairs in Manchester, specially when it comes to iPhone repairs We defeat all iPhone repairs shops in arndale shopping center and any other mobile shop within the greater Manchester and that's why FonePal is ranked as Yelp's best mobile phone repairs in Manchester. You can google it yourself to make sure that FonePal is indeed one of the top mobile phone repair near you.

Beside mobile phone recycling and repairs we also do computer repairs & software, Microsoft windows, Microsoft office. Mobile, hard desk and memories data recovery, Lost photos recovery, Erased data recovery.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cracked iPhone?

The exact cost to repair your iPhone varies from brand to another and from model to another model .e.g. iPhone 6 repairs costs less than iPhone x and so on.

It also depends on the fault type .e.g. an iPhone screen replacement typically cost more than charging port repairs. The most difficult fault to repair is the water damage phone and normally cost between £29 to £39.

To get your phone repaired for less, simply select your mobile phone model and the fault of your phone .e.g. iPhone screen repair to see exactly how much you have to pay for your iPhone screen to be repaired.

Although the cost of your mobile phone repairs is different from mobile shop to another. At FonePal we offer you the lowest mobile phone repair in Manchester so if your question is cheap iPhone repair near me then you are at the right place.

Prices For Cracked iPhone Repairs

• iphone screen trepairs start from £29.99
• iphone home button repairs start from £19.99
• iphone rare camera repairs start from £29.99
• iphone front camera repairs start from £19.99
• iphone touch button repairs start from £29.99
• iphone power button repairs start from £29.99
• iphone charging port repairs start from £29.99
• iphone water damage repairs start from £29.99
• iphone audio jack repairs start from £29.99



Where Do I Get My Phone Repaired In Manchester?

The simple way to get your phone repaired in Manchester is to visit FonePal website.

Visit our walk in repairing centre for express iPhone repairs in Manchester and the areas around it.

FonePal offers online and onsite cheap iPhone repair in Manchester as well as phone repairs home collection in Manchester.

Book your IPhone repairs online and select home collection and simply we will collect your phone later that day and return it to your home door the next day.



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